25 Dec 2014
Merry Christmas

Finally completed a new game. OK, not exactly new, but in a new language (for me). A two player game in JS (JavaScript) that can be played in a browser. It is available here

09 Oct 2014
Lots of things happen this year.
Geline arrived 25 August, Jasmine started school....
Jasmine was in a play, the link is RobinHood.
I am still working at Primus, still have not found a permanent residence yet; working on it though. Doing much overtime, not enough time to work on games and such. Very happy I have a family again.

08 Feb 2013
Still working at Primus
I went a little crazzy and did a music program WaffleMIDI that lets you create music. Currently you cannot load, play, or save MIDI files, but it does save in text format. It was just something to do. Its only 60k zipped, no installer, I hate those. If you don't like it, just delete the entire directory, and poof, its gone; very polite software.

18 Dec 2012
Mery Chistmass (if the world didn't end)
Have a job working for Primus in Auburn,WA. Seems to be doing ok. I hope to start immigration papers for my wife and daughter in January. I had some spare time, so I made some upgrades to my sodoku game. Now it auto-loads custom games as well as "normal" games. I added a Hint option that you can use when your stuck. This is instead of "Solve" as this only provides hints.

28 May 2012
Memorial day.
Here is a link to the funeral home that did a memorial ceremony for veterans. Mom and I attended as this is similar to dads birthday (30 May). you can find a link here

April 2012
Just finished taxes. Also completed a security camera project that some may find interesting. The docs are goofy, but seems to work a bit. This will use a webcam and send camera images to the internet via FTP. I tryied doing it by email, but just could not get it to work.

March 2012
Spring Break WOW!!
Did 27 credits and a funeral. Just too much stuff. Next quarter I will take a break and do only 20 credits. Completed my First Aid Class
Completed English 101
My final paper is on nuclear powered air-conditioners, it is a good read and only 5 pages.

Feb 28, 2012 at 5PM dad passed.
He had spent the last 5 weeks in ICU. Mom, Myself, Buddy and Tom were in attendance when we decded to terminate life support. As soon as we removed the breathing tube, he never took another breath.

September 2011
I switch over to CMT classes from welding. CMT= Computer Manufacturing Technology. It uses alot of 3D modeling, math, and inspection tools. Sounded like more of what I am into. The focus is on CNC mills and lathes. CNC= Computer Numerical Count. Basically, a computer controlled mill or lathe.

May 2011
Back from seeing my wife and daughter.
Jasmine seems to be in remission from infant seizures. She first started having them at 6 months. She hasn't had any others for over a year. She is off her meds, and doing fine.... running and playing. Wish I could remain there. I have some new movies for you, you can check them out on youtube.

Also a new app for those game writers. This just makes an image array from a font. Has some cool features. Get it here.

April 2011
As I fly away to the Republic of Philippines to see my wife and daughter, I finished up the video of the welding club for Puget Sound. You can find a link here on youtube.

March 2011
I was inspired to do a welding math calculator. Its not for everyone. This was mostly to refresh some of my ageing trig skills. The zip is only 38k, there is no installer or uninstaller. If you wish to remove it, just delete it. I hate software that does all that registry nonsence.

download calc

December 2010
Merry XMass. Coded 2 open source projects: ants based on DOBro's work from the purebasic forums, and xword which was written for my mother. Enjoy.

November 2010
Re-Wrote "MyPad" after Vera (Purebasic Forum) suggested some minor changes to how I do web pages. Also, I added a dictionary to it. The old link at the left points to the Help File and the download link is here. September 2010
I am in school again. This time, learning welding. I had a weekend free, so I wrote a sodoku game. You can find the zip here. Its got some interesting features, and very small foot print. Best of all, its free. Here is a link to the help file, with a few screen shots.

October 2009
I got a complaint about Archon3D not being Vista complient. So, I fixed it up and its even the full version. Also, you may need D3Drm.dll Sometimes, this error comes up.

August 2009
Back in the USA again. Also, back to looking for work. Here is another pick of Jasmine and even a Movie. I have also updated WaffleIDE. It had a few bugs. I also removed the "Prebuilt Headers" option as it was not reliable. This fixes an error with macros and another with the search paths which affects tools and such. Added an extra feature to reload last opened file. Enjoy.

April 2009
I'm very busy now. Have a baby girl, Jasmine. Born Feb. Just got my taxes done. Not too much time to work on games, but I still do. While scanning for some old code, I found some things and thought I would post them too. Currently I am working on a FPS complete with a level editor. I will post that up soon maybe. First, here is a picture of Jasmine. and more pictures over here.

For extra fun, I found some versions of Twonky to share. The original text based game was Schlump !!! by Compute magazine in early 1970's. Redone here for DBC.
and some DOOOM stuff for purebasic ...

October 2008
For fun, I created a racing tutorial available here. Its not very fancy, but there are alot of cool things in there for people to examine. Its coded using MyIDE so there are alot of macros used in it. The full exe and even converted source code (formated to be fully DBC complient) are also available. The tutorial covers much more than just coding a game. Also, there a a few effects that are demonstrated here. Two of the effects make use of memblocks while another is just simply offsetting an object limb to represent a flat tire. Also, the use of tilt objects and various methods of object turn control are shown. Even a method demonstrating RTS (Real Time Strategy) technics is demonstrated in the use of a pit crew to repair cars.

March 2008
Not sure why, but I needed something to do. So, I wrote my own IDE for Dark Basic Classic. It has many features that nobody else has. Or, at least, not all in one easy package. While working on it, I learned how much my iconmaker really sucked. A better one that is free is Icon FX. And, of course, many will find ResHack very usefull too. Add these two things to my IDE and you can do pretty much anything you want with your applications.

Also, here is a newer version of my card game PictureFrame
And my Tic Tac Toe 3D game
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October 2007
Just added a new movie Rice Farm showing some of the fun things I do when I just need a little excersise.

July 2007
Additional pictures are available for Banban
And you can see my finished House
Just added a completed a new game called PictureFrame. It does not have its own page yet, but its a pretty simple game. Just an expreriment on creating a game with no media.
Play is simple:
Take cards from the left and place them in the center. When the center is full, remove them by making pairs of 10. You win when all cards are played.
Redeal = Press Escape and then 'Y'
Exit = Press Escape and then 'N'
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May 2007
Made some major improvement to my HTML editor "MyPad" I made the highlingting system much better and faster than before. It still has a few bugs, but its pretty more usefull than before. you can download if from this page.
Also did some minor improvements to my iconmaker app (and the DBC debugger). I improved the icons to permit transparent areas. The top-left pixcel is used for the transparent color. Then a mask is created based on this color. Still not perfect, but looks nicer for desktop icons. Maybe I'll add an extra setting to make this feature optional.
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April 2007
Another game.... Helicopter. Its my version of another Comodore 64 classic (can't remember the name). In this game you fly a Helicopter and blow up factories and even a battleship.

Feb 2007
Just finished a new game ... Tank Battle Its not a fancy game, probably not even a new idea (actualy like the old Atari Tank Battle) and there are many versions floating around. But I just had this idea stuck in my head, so there it is.

I also had this other idea in my head and here it is too. Icon Maker Its very straight forward to use. Actually, it does not really make Icons, it converts bitmaps to Icons though. It lacks the special features of using VC++ Resource Workshop or Resource Hacker but for just simply making a usable icon, this is very quick. It can also hack an existing *.exe and replace the existing Icon (if it is a 16color icon all I wanted to support).

And, because Icon Maker was so much fun, I modified my Debugger app to actually automate the task. Now, you can simply place a 16 color bitmap, 32x32 made with MSPaint into your app to use as an icon by simply add this to your code in your main app ... #Icon "yourbitmap.bmp" . Now, when you compile your program, the icon will be used. Cool eh?
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Merry Christmass everyone 2006
I think almost 10 people have visited my website and at least 1 has played Archon3D. Not alot of visitors, but then I do this for fun. I did have an actual forum for my games and apps, but it has been hacked many times by spammers .... So its shut down.

I still visit the DarkBasic forums from time to time, although its been many months scince I actually posted a message. I also visit Shrapnel and they just released a full game for free. Complete with a level editor. Its not an awsome game, but that is common for many of thier games. It has many features, but "fun" and "action" are not exactly a priority for Shrapnel. Neither is "easy to play". But, if doing a wargame of any consequence, you really should download WINSPWW2 just for the "ideas" it has to offer. SPWW2 is 2 player, turn based, play by email game. The graphics are like Warcraft2 but "strange for DB users" as the map is designed for "board gamers" like me. If you have tested "The War Engine" you will understand the editors settings.

Here are some pictures of "XMASS Trees" in Mabinay.
TadlongPantaoPaniabonanBanlas Bulwangvariousothertrees

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Just added a Dungeon Keeper 2 level for you to play with. See links at left.

After alot of struggling with my Yahoo web pages mycat98501 I decided I needed a real website. I did like Yahoo's page builders, and needed something about the same. Lucky for me, TDK bailed me out with HTMEdit. I'm still here in Lumbangan, Philipines where its quite hot and sunny and pretty quiet. So far, I like it here. Its a pretty good enviroment for writing. There is nothing here at all except farms and farmers. No street lights. The post office is 20KM away. If I want to buy a book to read, or a movie, its a 2 hour bus ride to town. Yep, the boonies is where I am. We tend to loose power at least once per week for 12+ hours. I do have satylite TV and a low speed internet connection ... about 56k. Ok, I don't really have a connection, its an internet cafe that lets me use thier PC for about $1.00 per hour. Too slow and expesive for file transfers. For that, I take a bus ride to Kabakalan (about $0.75 each way) and use a DSL(640k) connection for $0.30 per hour.

You can use the links at left to quickly jump to whatever content you need. This is just my main welcome page. On this site you should be able to find links to my Pictures. Technicly, thats a movie file with my pictures located within, with a little background music. There's also my Dragon Movie which is just some animation from a game I'm working on.... And there are links to other games I have done. I just added a new movie about a trip to Lambangang ... the city and on to Mabinay . The link is at left, but you also just click here. For the full list of movies, just click on my picture or just ClickHere.

Just added another tool (June 2006) called debugger. You can see the link off to the left too. Its not very fancy, but is does the job well. I also added new features to MyHelp viewer for Dark Basic Classic. very dangeous stuff, but pretty cool once you are prepared for the risks.
You can contact me via the email link below. Norm. Email Me
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