This is my version (3D) of the Commodore 64 classic (I forgot the name). In the original (2D) version you flew a Helocopter that was based on a carrier out at sea. To reload, you had to land on the carrier. Meanwhile .... factories were hard at work trying to build a Battleship. Your mission is to destroy the battleship and destroy the factories that were making it.

The factories are defended by AA Batteries (guns in the 2D, missiles in mine). They are also protected by Jets that fire homeing missiles (in my version the missiles are not homing). To keep you distracted, there are bombers that will attack your carrier.
Also, once the battleship launches, it will aslo fire missiles at the helicopter, and fire guns (my version) at the carrier.

In my version, in some ways, the game is much easier .... The missiles can be dodged pretty easy, and the battleship gets built slower .... and, I added a radar system that points to your carrier. The 2D version would only show the factories and aircraft. Since this would be too easy, I made the helicopter hard to fly. This makes landing on the carrier very difficult to do without crashing. Also, the ocean is pretty rough, so the helocopter will sometimes bounce off the carrier ....

Camera control ...
Q key changes view

C key Changes control scheme
          standard (left/right tips left/right)
          Alternate (left/right turns left/right)

Tilt Control ...
Up/Down/Left/Right will
tip helocopter (unless using Alt Control)
Right joystick controls work the same way

Turn Control ...
A/D key turns left/right
W/S key adjusts rotor pitch fwd/back
Left Joystick controls work the same way

Speed Control ...
< or > for slower/faster
L1 or L2 have the same function

Control key,Left Mouse, R1 fire standard weapon
Shift key,right mouse,R2 drop bombs

This version is freeware .... If anybody wants source code, I will charge $10 for that. With that verion comes a level editor and all the media. Download Helocopter
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