Archon 3D

After struggling with Archon the RPG and all those script problems .... it seems my assistant stopped helping. Also, I became distracted with life here in the Philippines. Possibly even getting married here. WOW. Anyway, I had these different models to play with and I loved the old 2D Archon from Comodore days, so I cranked this out. The AI is far from perfect, but is hard to beat reliably. Not because of skill level, but just because of the type of creatures used. Some are easy to beat, while others are hard. That was what Archon is all about. In the 2D version, each player takes turns dropping creatures on the game board. When two creatures try and occupy the same spot, combat occurs. In my 3D version, its the same. The rooms reflect the "enviroments" and some concepts did not exactly translate well .... How do you display the "Air Element" in 3D ? Once I worked that out, everything sorta fell into place.
Update June 11 2005
Added Joystick support. See Docs.
Differences between original 2D version and my 3D version:
2D Version 3D Version
2 Player Only 1 to 4 Players
1 Game Mode 3 Modes of Play
Offline Play Internet Play

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