My Movies

In November 2009 I upgraded some movies to youtube. you can view them here:
Rice Farming
Health Center
My House Construction
Papa's House
Hong Kong Disneyland
      Here are some movies I have done. I placed a sound track in them to improve the entertainment value. Also, these are just your basic slideshow of a home movie. Nothing fancy, just some pictures I have taken around this place that I am visiting. The first movie is just some family shots and some extra shot of my journey to this place. MyShots. Nothing truely interesting there, except for shots of my appartment. Then, there is my trip to Lumbangang. It show a bit more stuff around here. Lumbangang is a funny little place. I just love visiting it. It has more character than it should. Charming ... not at all. But lots of character. Then there is my trip from Dumagette. Not too many shots of DMGETTE, but enough to show its very busy. DGTE has 2 main streets, named North and South and traffic goes one way on each street. The pictures showing downtown are at Super Lee Plazza. A 10 story high-rise department store. I do alot of shopping there when I need to. The basement has the grocery. Almost anything can be purchased here. Except for things like "Large Size Bags of chips " It seems that the Philipines is geared towards small size everything. The pharmacies sell pills ... one at a time. No prescriptions required. Gumm and Cigs are also 1 at a time. They freak out when I ask for a BOX of blank floppy disks. Need management approval and so on ... And my latest movie where I simply walk around the block. That the block around my hotel... More of a "Country Mile" than a block. It show some things I truely love about this place. There is nothing like a quiet countryside for a stroll. Just added another movie.BussRide This movie shows a little more of DMGETTE and a little of Kabankalan. The shots of the burned out buildings in Dumagette was just to show that even simple things like renewing my visa can be complicated. I thought I new where it was , so I walked there. Since I could not find it, I hired a trike to help me. He took me here and said "Maybe they moved?" and we both walked over to those signs, On the ground, was a sign that read "Imagration is still in room 8" ... and where exactly is that? We taped the sign back up .... its the sign with one corner hanging, I paid the trike 10P (about 25 cents) and proceded to walk among the wreckage for "room 8" all the while looking for a room with a copier .... Imagration always wants copies of my passport ... don't know why they can't keep some on file. So every visit, I was making copies in the travel ofice in front ..... where the big hole is . Luckily, thier office was moved to the back, so I could still make copies. 1P per copy .... Why doesn't the imagration office have a copier? Seems like a good idea for making extra money by charging all foreighers for copies ....
And some XMass pictures from Mabinay are ClickHere

New Movie: These are some shots around Geline's parents house. Its about a 30 minute motorcycle ride over a rough road. The movie is only 2 minutes, but shows a pretty nice farm house and family. Watch Movei
New House:
this is myhouse under construction. Its very small (only 3 or 4 rooms) ending with some pictures of Titoy's house where 3 of my workers sleep. The first old guy you see is Ceiro. He cut down the bamboo and made fense posts for me. I tacked up the fense. The other workers are Titoy, Toto, Edot, Dodo, Protasio, Jeno(Geline's brother) and Roger (Geline's brother-in-law). I also hired Geline's sister Maricel as my cook. The little boy (Roger just calls "Boy!") is Titoy's nephew that asked for something to do. Geline put him to work pulling "weedges" for 50P per day. The two girls are in high school and are boarders at Titoy's house (many people there) and wanted something to do while on holiday (50P each per day). The others get about 200P. Geline's father thought that was too much to pay, but then he lives far from town and food is very cheap on a large farm (free chickens and rice) but in town, chicken is 100P each and rice about 25P. 200P does not go very far here. But, they are out of work farmers (all the plantings are done and still a few months until harvest) and happy for the work.

How to find my house.... directions.
View out my front door (download required) download.
And lastly, there is my Dragon Fly