MyPad or Waffle's NotePad

This is just your basic text editor with extras. It is just a flat text editor (notepad is better actually) that is has some nice features. I now use this as my default text editor because of the other features. Now HAS search/replace working, making it actually better than notepad because of the MDI and web browser and the HTML tag organizer .... Features: MDI - can control multiple files at once. Cut/Paste functions ... the usual Included Web viewer for viewing HTML code. (not a full blown browser, but does the job) HTML tag editor so you don't need to know anything ... ripped off from TDK Constant editor so when you find a new one, add it. Overall, pretty straight forward. Just added multicolor text (RED) for tags, (blue) for quotes and (green) for comments. Not user selectable, but it was fun learning to do that. Also, I have begun working on FTP. Currently you can see what I'm working on, but don't expect it to work. I'm trying to work out some details yet. What I'm trying for is a system where my app detects which pages/ files have been changed and automaticly transfers them to your website whenever online. Since my site has about 15 pages or so, and growing, plus all the .zips and movies .... its work trying to track all the changes.

Norm Perry

Inspired by HTMEdit by TDK

Build 2008 01 22