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This is just your basic tank battle game. Very simular to the old Atari version. Just a 2D game with very simple graphics and sounds but with nice play. Additional options in my version are Power Ups and user maps. And, of course, internet support. Controls are very basic; just use the up/down/left/right arrow keys to move and shoot.


Game Play:

Once you set up a game, either offline or internet player simply move thier tank using the keyboard. Each player's weapon is determined by the currently active power up. Currently, there is no scoring, so players can continously shoot at each other. When a Tank is "killed", it will be randomly placed on the map.
Player Controls:
If playing with 2 players on one PC, the second players cotrols are:
After preparing your game, select "Start" from the "Tank" menu to start the game. Top

Power Ups:

Currentlt, there are only 3 power ups:
The use of powerups is only effective for a limited time. If you need more time, You can send me money via PayPal. Joking only. The death bomb has a 2 minute use limit. Invisiblity is limited to 1 minute and Bouncy is limited to 5 minutes. If the map has extra powerups, they can still be used. Also, if you use the Lock Power Ups option, there is no time limit on use.

Ok, here is what the actual menu options say, and what that means ...
Power Ups are collected by "driving" over them.

Offline Setup:

Offline game play is the easiest to prepare for. All you need do is select amap to play (optional), select your power up options (also optional) then set up for a 2 player game. Currently, single player is not supported. To configure for 2 player, go to "Options" menu, "Players" and check the "Two Player" option. Player 1 will use the arrow keys (Up/Down/Left/Right) and Player 2 will use (WASD) keys. See also Game Play. Then simply select "Start" from the "Tank" menu to begin play. To pause your game, select the "New Game" from the "Tank" menu.

Internet Setup:

So, you want to play online ....
This game uses TCIP for internet game play. If you are the host, all players will connect to your PC, otherwise, you must connect to thier PC. Seems simple so far eh? Setting up an internet game can be broken down into several simple steps .... Top

Chatting with Other Players:

Setting up this game to support chat at the same time was too complicated. So, here is a link to a web-based IRC chat room You could also use MIRC, MIM or YIM ....

Custom Maps:

Loading a custom map is easy. Go to "Options" - "Load Level". The default map names are *.map but *.txt can be loaded as well. All maps are 32x32 in size. This size seems to fit the screen best. If a map supports power ups, these will be used if collected and that particular power up is enabled. See Power Ups.
Making a custom level is pretty simple too. I use Notepad with the line wrap turned off. You could also just load an existing level into Notepad and then edit it. However you decide, these are the special letters that have meaning:
You can save as either *.txt to make editing easy or as *.map. To play this map with other players, they must already have the file. This is part of the hosts job in preparing for an online game. See Internet Play

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I (Norman Perry) can be reached via email here
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