My Debugger

This debugger tool is designed for use with Dark Basic Classic.
what this does .... Well, first to describe the problem. I use DarkEdit alot and it does alot of good things. But, when DB encounters an error in an include file, the error message is almost useless. Well, this helps.

My debugger scans the source file (no changes are made to the source code) for all your included files. Then, it creates a master file with all the includes. Then, it calls DB.exe to compile the master file. then, if there is an error, it reports where the actual error is located, and will even open that source if desired. The master file is saved as *.MFN just in case you wish to re-examine the actual full program source code.

What this will not do .....
single step code
pre-processor stuff (although I may do that later, but why)
This is only to help with finding errors.
This program can be installed anyplace, but I keep all my odd programs in the Dark Basic/Tools folder. The settings for using this program are in the file Debugger.INI Before using this program, check all the settings to be sure they are correct. The default editor is notepad.exe because everyone has that one. But you will need to verify all the paths, like to DB.exe and so forth.
do not forget to change the settings in your default editor to use my tool for compiling. Your editor should call my tool, then my tool calls DB.exe then my tool reports errors to you and your editor.

Special Settings

the Silent setting seems complicated, but its pretty simple. My little tool generates a few messages while its running, most can be ignored. The silent value is how many to ignore. 0 indicates you wish to view all, while 3 would be to ignore all but things that cause my tool to exit early (like not being able to find DB.exe or unable to NotePad.exe ) and so on. An example of a message to ignore is
"Compilation Successfull".
Since that gets relayed back to your editor, you don't need my tool to also tell you. A silence level of 1 hides that. Also, if an error is reported that is in the main source, and not in an include, you might want to ignore that for the same reason. A silence level of 2 will do that.

This app is not designed to be run alone. Its designed for 1 purpose: help locate bugs in included files. If you run it alone, it will just exit with a warning of "no source file to check" ...

New features added in Feb 2007:
My debugger places icons directly into your app at compile time.
There are still some things to keep in mind...
The top left color you use is assumed to be a transparent color to be used for the desktop. This color will be drawn in reverse color in file folders. By reverse, white is drawn black, yellow turns blue and so on .... But, on the desktop, this will be transperent.
Nice and simple to use. Also added some options to delete all those pesky files that seem to multiply. Now all those "*.tmp" and "*.MFN" files can be deleted on a successful compile. See Docs.

Another feature added
You can now DIM your vars inside your #include files.

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