Waffle's IDE v2.1

Thankyou for trying my IDE. Version 1 had many-many features and became too unusuable. This I decided to tone it down and focus instead on things truely needed, or at least features I though DBC lacked. Actually, I use Dark Edit 1.56 by Guy Savoie in 2000. Some don't like it, but I do because it was simple (I don't use the advanced features) and it works fast (well), faster than mine.

For my IDE, I felt it needed features that nobody else seems to be adding to other IDEs; such as context help and Debugger Options. I also did a sorta keyword-tips thingy to provide a parameter list for a keyword at the bottom of the window. Those are the KEY features. The keyword-tips was done mainly because I can never remember all the settings for the command "Set Object ........." and it is much nicer to have a little reminder. I know some like a "code injector" thingy, but I don't. Things get pretty cluttered with multiple windows open, and I like to keep things simple. Some IDE use "Tabbed" windows to keep things clean looking, but I prefer MDI for viewing code side by side. Very usefull for examples and such.


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