Full Source Code

I used to just give my source code away for all my games. I can't do that anymore. The games are available for free, but the source code will require a "donation". I say a donation, because I don't have any idea of the real market value. In fact, at the moment, I do not even have the means in place to accept donations. That will cange around christmass time or so. I'm thinking of a price around $2.00 per source code download. Maybe more if you want tech support with that. That does not mean I won't explain the code, or provide any documents I have on a game. By tech-support, I mean if you need a peace of code customized or demonstrated. Or maybe you don't like the comments I wrote in the source code. That's what I mean by tech support. Customization and detailed explanations take time. Lots of people give away code for some things ... include files come to mind. TDK has some good starter code. Phalanx has some too. I'm selling source to FULL projects. I also let you test the projects before purchase. So, the price is fair. Many like to ask "How does multiplayer work for DBC/DBPro?" . Here I have working examples of actual games you can play online. Sure, that are not of comercial quality. Sure, they do have minor issues (no play against the computer for my chess game as an example). But they are working games. My two favorite games are BS3 and BumperPool. Chess is OK, but is hard to setup for internet play. Its just easier to get a chess board and find a friend. I do plan to fix that, but may wait until someone wants tech-support for that one. Duel/DuelPro are fun for a few minutes. Both are pretty easy to set up on a LAN system. I used to have one, now I'm down to just my laptop. If given a choice between playing Spider solitair and BS3, I still choose Spider. It starts faster and is easier to stop in the middle of. BS3, I tend to loose track of time.
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