Proxy Server

This is my little server app. The server program is designed to run on a remote dedicated server. Using the included DLL file, any client app can access this server. The server support up to 99 private chat rooms with 9 users per room. Although not good for real time games like FPS or RTS, its just fine for supporting turn based games or just your basic chat or multiplayer matching. Its provided here as freeware. I was originally commisioned for this project, and it does have alot of cool features, but its now free. One of the coolest features is you can use a remote PC anywhere to reconfigure the main server app, changing ports and so on, using a password. There is also another app TProxy that is used to test the server app. The server app "proxy" is really just a special purpose IRC server. It does not support standard IRC protocals as its designed for simpicity. As of its last update from a few years ago, no bugs have been reported. If you desire customizations for a special project ..... well, that will depend on ... enjoy.