Waffle's Dark Basic Classic

Help Viewer

After testing TDK's editor, I asked for a stand-alone help viewer. But, that requires a major rewrite of his code. SO, I wrote my own in about 5-6 hours. Its just an HTML viewer that most anyone can snap together quickly, but its pretty cool to use.
It does suffer from what alot of my programs do .... cuteness. Its just not at all pretty, its just does the job very well. Maybe one day I'll swop out the buttons with icons to jazz it up a bit. I have already made it my default help viewer, mainly for the "almost" context support. Additional feature thats very cool but hard to describe. If a context search is not found, a link can be automaticaly inserted to the first letter. So, if you do a search for "test" and its not found, my app will ask if you want to place a link to "T". if you answer yes, the link is added to the index file and its quickly displayed. So, now all commands starting with "T" are listed. Download