Dungeon Keeper 2

For fun, I have been tinkering with the DK2 level editor. Its alot of fun, so I thought it deserved a little notice. You can download the editor here and check out my first level here. There is a help doc here. I have found a few errors in the docs, so be warned. Also, some things seem to be sorta missing. If you wish to create a level with "lairs" or "hatcheries" already made, I haven't figured out the "propper" way. You can load an existing level that already has the room you want, and then copy that room into your level .... hey, it works. Also, the editor does not do screen shots so your custom levels will have a black icon display. What I did to get mine was to do a print-screen and then copy the screen into MSPaint for cropping to 144x144 then replaced the existing icon which was blank. Also, in the .zip file I have a text file that explains installation. Basically, just unzip to ... Dungeon Keeper 2/Data/editor/maps/ and then move the bitmap file (NormsFirst.bmp) to Dungeon Keeper 2/Data/editor/maps/Thumbails/ everything should work fine then. And, natuarly, none of this is in the .docs.

To properly use this, you must have DK2 v1.7 already installed. In theory, you could use it with older versions, just don't do certain things, such as use elite creatures, some spells, rooms, traps and so on ....