Baby Sitter's Club (1) was an open project provided by Humbird0. This is an adult orientated game depicting sex and other things. Be warned. This is my mod of his game. BSC1 (Baby Sitter's Club) was originally created with rpgmaker. The first game I played was BSC-2 which is much more fun, but was created using adobe flash. Humbird0 created his own level editor in flash for composing levels. He release both projects for free, including all media and a level editor. Flash has too many issues for me, so I took this as a challenge to put GameMaker through its paces and learn some new stuff.

My original plan was to merge BSC-1 with BSC-2 and add an extra level after (BSC-3) ... I might not get around to all that. I wanted to release it all as an HTML-5 game. Maybe instead, I will post BSC-1 and offer a link to BSC-2 and make a BSC-3 as an extra. With that in mind, I thought it might be good to say what I did, and did not do.

The original BSC-1 game had "Shelly" raped multiple times by different animals ... using the same trick. I found this slightly boring; especially since some of that was repeated in BSC-2, but in a more fun way. I did not include this or the "grand finally" scene for the same reason. I did add an extra joke during the gang rape of Shelly to make it funny instead of just wrong. I made it so all text message only appear for a short amount of time because I find it annoying to need to keep pressing the space key or the mouse just to skip all the dialog. Who wants to read all that anyway? This is an adult game, not a short story. Humbird0 changed up the music and added fancy sound effects... I may do that later if still motivated. I really learned a lot about GameMaker's advanced features making this. The more I work on this project, the easier and faster adding scenes becomes.
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