Ball Shoot 3

This is version 3 of my infamous BS game. Version 1 was designed solely to test PC performance by generating up to 100 balls using 20 different textures of 256x256. That's about 64k per texture times 20 gives 1.2MB which was not much stress on newer PCs. My old PC did get stressed ... but it was old. My laptop has a 16MB card and never had any problems with BS1. BS2 was written in DBC and had alot of nice features, but was too hard to play. BS3 is still in DBC, and returns to the basics ... just blow stuff up. I did change the controls from BS1 ... use the z/x buttons to fire. Z for guns, X for homing missiles. There are no shields, hit points, power-up, radar, ..... You do have multiple tracking systems to help in shooting missiles. Consult the help files, or just press F-1 in the game. This version does feature multiple levels, like in BS2. But these are much harder on your PC and you. There is alot of action. My laptop does struggle on level 2 and does have problems with level 3. But, my system is only 16MB at 1.2Ghz. With a 256MB card and a P-4 at 3Ghz+ you should have alot of fun.
You can download it here.
The Original BallShoot
And MoreBS which is the version 2 (BS2). BS2 plays alot like version 3, but has an overwelming number of power-ups and controls. Too many for me to even keep track of. Currently, BS3 is my favorite. BS1 and BS2 have a very loud music sound track, BS3 has no sound track. BS2 has some flame trails for the rockets, BS3 just a ghosted cone. BS3 and BS1 have no power-ups. BS2 and BS3 both have some sort of "tracking" system, but BS3 is simpler, and has multiple modes. BS2's tracking system requires several power-up and almost constant fidling with power supply management stuff .... Think StarFleetCommand and you get the idea of where I was going with BS2. The displays with BS2 also suck. BS1 and BS3 have no real displays. BS1 is fun for about 10 minutes, BS3 is fun for about 30 minutes or more. BS2 is just frustrating trying to figure out the controls.
I just couldn't leave BS3 alone. I thought it was too easy to play. So ..... You no longer have an unlimited supply of missiles(x key). Use them sparingly. You do get more; just shoot a pyramid and you get 8 more missiles. It seems like alot, but for every pyramid, you have 8 extra balls to kill. Factor in the odd missfire or the ball that can evade the missile, and you will run out. Luckily, you have an unlimited ammout of regular shots (z-key, no point penaulty either). Added an armor display. It has plenty .... for awhile. Currently, the game does not check to see if you are dead. That would remove the "long term" fun I think. I get board with games that start off too hard and don't give any breaks. So, that's why its not monitored. You can play as long as you like, but your cheating if you coninue after death :) Also, to make the levels harder, I increased the number of cubes. I think you start with 20, then 40, then 60 .... Clearing 20 cubes takes some time .... about 45 minutes or so. Each cube explodes to 6 pyramid, each pyramid to 8 balls. So, each cube is really 55 targets. And, you only get 48 missiles and at about 10 of those will missfire or simply fail to hit the target. So, that leaves about 17 targets per cube that must be destroyed with simple ball shots (z-key) which is much more challanging than the homing missile (x-key) that you simply fire and forget. So, for level 1 that means 340 targets to kill with ball shots. But, on the plus side, if your carefull, and selective, you can minimize your missfires while at the same time shooting the easy targets with balls.
Added multiplayer support. Its not exactly user friendly though. Multiplayer can only be set up via commandline options on game launch. See included docs. Also changed the armor value. Now only 100. Also, the default tracking mode is now set to "Manual" as that's my favorite method. Also added multiple camera views (press the Q key to change views).
UPDATE June 2006
Added Joystick support.
Joystick Controls
Up/Down/Left/Right work same as arrow keys
Press 	A - square button to change camera mode
B - Triangle to fire homing missiles
C - X button to fire standard shots
D - Change tracking systems

L1 to go faster
L2 to go slower