Banban Heath Station

> Health Center Operating Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9AM to Noon. Staffed by Galine and sometimes Norm.

Also open next to last Friday 8AM to Noon for Immunizations. Extra staffing provided by Mrs Victoria Agustin and three Barangay Health Worker Volunteer.

No water or electricity on site. One easy Ride (Small pasanger Van) that is in custody of Barangay Captain Rogelio for emergencies and other use.

If you wish to donate to help support this health clinic, please send me an email at the link below. I do not belong to any charity organization, I just thought this place could use a little help. I am doing this for fun only. But, any money I should get will be subject to USA taxes ..... Not much, only about 15% or so. The remaining funds will be distributed as you dictate. The normal cost to "open" for the day is about 300P or $6.00. Its not much until you consider the standard wage in Banban is 80P per day. Most visitors can't afford to pay.

If you would rather donate "Hard Goods", the following is a list of much needed items:

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