Balls and Bats

Balls and Bats is based on the game The_Baton_Races_of_Yaz originally published by Dragon Magazine (TSR). Most media was provides byHumbird0 with some sound effects by A HREF="">Kenney and some game icons provided by With that out of the way ..... The objective of the game, as with the original TSR version, is to pop all your balloons (balls) using your bat (batons) while preventing the other team from popping theirs. To this end, you have several creatures, that all have different special abilities, as in the original....


These are your fastest creatures for carrying a Bat. A Bat is required for Popping a Ball. Humans as the fastest, but cannot traverse Water or Grassy areas. They can only move through clear terrain.


dinosaurs have the same capabilities as Humans, but can also travel in Grassy Areas but are slower than Humans.


Heckrans can move through any terrain to pop balloons (Balls) but move slower than dinosaurs.


Rolies are the slowest creatures, and cannot cary the Bat or Pop balloons. They can move through all terrain AND can tackle other players. This will prevent the tackled player from moving for as long as the Roly remains in the same place


The AI currently sucks bad !! I will only improve on it IF someone should provide me with an incentive/motivation as to why I should. This is, after-al, an NSFW game that is only fun once or twice. After that, the novelty seems to wear thin. The AI does have to capacity to win IF the player does not do anything, and victory still requires some effort.

It is OK to refresh browser if it does not load correctly the first time.
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